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Business software development, consulting and outsourcing - Nazka


The company was launched in the late 90's as a derivation of some troubleshooting projects. One of the main activities of the company was IT outsourcing. We offered to outsource the development work for those companies, which didn't have capacity for programming or had a lack of experts on specific IT projects. Our approaches were focused on medium sized or large IT companies. Our developer capacity covered the following areas:

  • MS Visual Studio.NET; C#.NET in focus
  • Java;
  • Javascript; VBScript; HTML; ASP; PHP; Java Servlet;
  • Borland Delphi;
  • MS VB for Applications;
  • many SQL servers.

We developed a wide range of systems in different topics: from Internet sites to enterprise systems on Windows or Unix environments. Our service also included the maintenance and support of the implemented systems. Our activity covered:

  • project management,
  • software planning,
  • development,
  • professional testing,
  • education and
  • implementation.

From 2005 the company has become a Microsoft Dynamics partner, and we started to provide services on the areas of NAV implementation and development. In January 2006 our first implementation went live. From the beginning of 2008 we established strategical partnership with Aquis Zrt., and at that point my steak in the business ended.

Partneship programs participated

Nazka successfully participated partneship programs and became Sun IForce Partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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Some of our major clients we have done development and/or outsourcing projects for.

vivendi universal games sony microsoft mforma matrox kuju wireless cdv intel eidos sci ifone i-fone cenega 1c iplay i-play gizmondo xbox 360 x-box xbox360 live xboxlive xbox-live playstation 2 playstation2 ps2 sun shell bmw pannon gsm pannongsm cib raiffeisen bank screenshot logo sign image picture photo

Project walkthrough

Common project with Comdo GmbH

  • BMW Sales Performance System - BMW
  • BMW Kalkulationstool - BMW

Taking part in the development work of "Stex" and "CBES" systems at Pannon GSM Zrt. from 2005

Project with SAO-Synergon Rt.

  • Delphi development outsourcing - Shell Hungary Rt.

Common project with Microsoft Magyarország Kft.

  • CBES (Customer Business Entity Service) - Pannon GSM Zrt.
  • Stex redesign phase 2 - Pannon GSM Zrt.
  • FH Biztalk Data Collector ( .NET, BizTalk 2004 ) - Public Employment Service

Common projects with Aquis Zrt. (former Minor Rt.)

  • VON administration system - Veszprém municipality
  • Egora administration system - Eger municipality
  • Kofax Ascent Capture imaging based system - VON/Egora
  • MultiWorX flow management and administration system
  • Raphael - Malév (Hungarian Airlines) Free Ticket System
  • SmartCard developments - Keyware / Alacarte-Engineering, Belgium
  • MEHIB 2000 integrated enterprise system - Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Ltd.
  • Forrás InfoSystem - FORRÁS Trust and Investment Company
  • Administration system of XII. district - XII. district municipality

Common projects with Microsoft Magyarország Kft. and Aquis Zrt.

  • PSZÁF Document Management System (.NET)
  • CIB Fraud Detection - CIB Bank Ltd.
  • Post Document Management System - Hungarian Post.

Several outsourcing projects for MelorIT Kft.

Common project with Beko Engineering Kft.

  • Oracle consultancy and development - Raiffeisen Bank

Common project with Cleware Kft.

  • Pannon Online Payment Engine 2 - Pannon GSM Rt.

Common project with Grepton ZRt.

  • Pannon Online Payment Engine - Pannon GSM Zrt.

TcT WFM Client development for TCT Hungary Kft.

Common project with Quart it Kft.

  • Post manager diary

Common project with Softrain Kft.

  • FÓKUSZ enterprise system migrating to JAVA technology (using Websphere)

X - Tender - Tender administration tool made for IT Információs Társadalom Kht.

Common projects with Classys Kft. and Metacom '96 Bt.

  • Registration System for NPHMOS

IT consultancy in creating the new system of Central Registration of Pension Fund Members - State Private Fund Supervision

Common projects with Huber Kartographie and Xmapping Ltd.

  • Stiefel Eurocart Kft. - Térképbank
  • Elke Reiser - ELKE REISER MAP SITE
  • Lanzarote - LANZAROTE

NAV4 implemetation and development for Integral Hungary Kft.