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Innovation to shape our future

by Robert Sugar, 2022

At the dawn of the 21st century, more than any other time in history as mankind's knowledge emerges, our species will have to face the next evolutionary challenge: will our kind go simply extinct through a spectacular self engineered event such as mass destruction, pandemic, or global warming? To name a few. Yes, these are real dangers surrounded by a series of miss-developments. Frightenig to see how much we are capable of.

But what is the way out? Shall we slow down scientific and technological progress, that in part brought us this far, or accelerate?

I believe we already passed the point of no return. The hunger for knowledge and innovation is deeper than ever in our society, now on a global level that no one can stop or even control. Nevertheless to fix some of our miss-developments is yet beyond current capability. Yes, we made some serious mess.

The only way is forward. We have to emerge further. Invent and innovate. Then revert that went wrong and reform that needs reforming. A challenging journey with the path to the finish line being anything else than a straight line. Making our time extraordinarily interesting!

If successful we may also secure sufficient time for our species to find the answers on the fundamental questions of life and purpose in the vast universe we exist in but know so little about...