robert sugar's biography About my 'less conventional' life.
My main objectives can be formulated
in two simple questions:
#1. What is universe?
#2. How does it come that we are
conscious beings and keep thinking
about question #1?
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Innovation changes the future

by Robert Sugar

At the dawn of the 21st century, more than any other time in history, mankind will have to face the big evolutionary challenge. Will our species go extinct through mass destruction, global warming or a social crisis? Or will humankind survive? No doubt, there is much at stake.

Being a scientist (people say that though I am less happy with the definition) allows me to reformulate the question in my own way. Can science and technology help to succeed in our evolutionary path and battle the ever growing problems?

My guess is a simple and definite YES. However, the path to the finish line is less straight forward. And exactly that is what makes it so interesting...

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